Board Members

Samuel Goodfellow (President)

IMG_9068My name is Samuel Goodfellow, I am a second-year Cell and Molecular Biology graduate student under the supervision of Dr. Laura Burrus. My research focuses on characterizing cellular projections in spinal cord cells associated with the Wnt signaling pathway and involvement in Wnt concentration gradient formation. I am the newly elected President of SACNAS at SFSU Chapter. Outside of the lab, I love hiking, photography, traveling while spending time with my beloved friends and family. Along with being a Kevin Durant and MadBum fan (Go Giants!), I was also raised in a small town within the Central Valley called Merced. I relocated to San Francisco for my Master’s program this previous year. This upcoming Fall, I will be applying to both Biosciences and Biomedical PhD programs, specifically in the Cancer Biology field. My objective is to be successful in obtaining my own lab while holding a tenured faculty position, endorsing diversity in the sciences. I would like to be a leader and mentor in striving for equality, embracing the untapped potential of underrepresented minorities by creating a future for all to look forward to.

Manuel Rosero (Vice President)

IMG_8766My name is Manuel Rosero and I am a second year Master’s student at SFSU. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in biology with and emphasis in physiology from San Francisco State University in 2016. During the last year of my undergraduate career, I joined the Fuse lab, where I started to familiarize myself with the questions being asked in the lab, where I became interested in studying the systemic responses to tissue damage in the tobacco horn worm, Manduca sexta. After a year in the lab as an undergraduate assistant, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in physiology and behavioral biology, where I am currently expanding the work I had done as an undergraduate. My time as a master student has been funded by the NIH Bridge to PhD program and the Genentech Foundation. But a master degree is not my end goal, I plan to pursue a PhD, where I want to succeed and contribute to the efforts of increasing ethnic diversity in STEM fields. Outside of lab, I enjoy

Jean Luke Campos (Treasurer)

IMG_8851My name is Jean Luke Campos. I’m an undergraduate senior who is currently working on my Bachelor’s in Cell and Molecular Biology. I’m currently investigating how size and shape influence the pH of the vacuole in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, under the guidance of Dr. Mark Chan. I’m currently funded by the NIH MARC program and this has inspired me to increase equity and diversity within science. I joined SACNAS to help create a nurturing and inclusive community at SFSU to further my goals. When I’m not conducting research, I enjoy camping, hiking, watching anime (specifically things by Studio Ghibli, Masaaki Yuasa, and Satoshi Kon), and eating good food. I plan to pursue a PhD in order to research genetic regulation during cell differentiation and to ultimately, run my own research lab, mentor and uplift minorities and women to pursue a career in STEM.

Hanna Butler-Struben (Workshop Coordinator)


My name is Hanna Butler-Struben and I am a second year Master’s student at SFSU. My main research interests involve animal physiology, studying pain, and neurophysiology at the Crook lab here on campus. Throughout my educational college career, I have always worked in animal behavior labs and have learned the importance animal research has on advancing science and society. I also understand that animal research can be a somewhat controversial topic, thus I have made it my mission to spread positive and accurate information about the type of work that I do in my lab. With SACNAS, I will be planning workshops for students of all ages to come and learn more about what science has to offer and help pair enthusiastic students with volunteer positions in labs on campus. When I am not busy with school or lab work, I like to play video games, horseback ride, and go on hikes to spot wildlife!

Adrienne Le (Social Media Chair)

IMG_8969My name is Adrienne Le and I am originally from Orange County. I moved to San Francisco 4 years ago to earn my B.S in Cell and Molecular Biology at SFSU. It was such a great experience that I decided to continue my studies here as a master’s student in Microbiology in the laboratory of Dr. Vance Vredenburg. My research focuses on studying factors of the aquatic fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis that causes Chytridiomycosis, a lethal disease that is results in large declines in amphibian species around the world. I study the effects of Chytridiomycosis on the Pacific Chorus frog, Hyliola regilla, and their mating calls. I am the social media chair of the SACNAS at SFSU chapter. As social media chair, I hope to be able to use my position to network with many people in different STEM fields, other SACNAS chapters as well as other science organizations to further promote minorities in STEM. When I am not in lab, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, dancing (preferably salsa dancing!), staying home and watching movies or Rupaul’s Drag Race, as well as hiking and cooking/eating. My ultimate career goal is to receive my PhD and study Emerging Infectious Diseases and applying aspects of disease ecology where I can study diseases in humans and possibly animals and study how these diseases are affecting their populations. I would also like to be in a position where I can work others to inspire people of color and women to pursue their dreams within science.

Miriam Valenzuela (Social Events Chair)

Helloooo, my name is Miriam. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and left when I had the chance to switch 100 plus degree weather for Karl the Fog. I completed my undergrad at SFSU, with an emphasis in Microbiology, and had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Lily Chen Lab. Now, I am currently in my first year of CIRM, which is a Cell and Molecular Master’s Program focusing on Stem Cell Research. Growing up, I was always interested in science, but was never too forward about seeking out experiences in the field. This is why I’m really passionate about SACNAS,  I would like to help in providing these experiences for someone else. Another aspect that drew me to SACNAS was the emphasis on building community. As social chair, I would love to promote that within SFSU. In the future, I would love to pursue a PhD in immunology, and work with students to promote interest in research, specially for underrepresented communities. When I’m not at school, or at home watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you can find me dancing, spending time with friends and family subjecting them to my hugs, or exploring some part of SF!

Frederick Santana (Outreach Coordinator)

IMG_8649My name is Frederick Santana, an SF native, and I’ve just completed my B.S. in Microbiology at SFSU in Spring 2017. I’m now a first year graduate student focusing on Cell and Molecular Biology under the guidance of Dr. Laura Burrus. My research focuses primarily on the mechanisms of the Wnt signaling pathway and how Wnt is transported within the cell and to other cells, or as I like to think of it, how cells talk to each other. Prior to transferring to SFSU from City College of San Francisco (go Rams!), I worked at non-profits that focused on getting underrepresented and “at-risk” youth to finish high school and get into college. During my undergrad, I was excited to participate in our SACNAS outreach events that entailed lab tours and demos that got students excited to participate in STEM. There is so much potential out there, but from what I’ve experienced, many youth get discouraged when they see the lack of diversity in STEM professions. We, as SACNAS, want to encourage anyone with a love for STEM to follow their passion and hope to provide events that would encourage our youth to see that it is possible and that opportunities are out there. In the future, I will continue my education and pursue a Ph.D., hopefully in cancer immunotherapy. I’d like to have my own lab where I can motivate and inspire students to pursue a career in science, much like many of my peers and mentors have done for me at SFSU. But until then, I’ll likely be doing research I enjoy, playing video games (SMITE & FF), discovering new beers or hiking trails, cooking too much Mexican food, or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and Futurama on repeat.

Active Members (in alphabetical order)


Edward Elizarraras, Rebecca Melton, Roberto Carlos Segura, Devon Shah, Jasmine Symms, Miriam Valenzuela

Board Members Alumni:

Samuel Goodfellow M.S., President (2017-2018) PhD Candidate at University of New Mexico within the Department of Health Sciences

Manuel Rosero M.S., Vice-President (2017-2018) PhD Candidate at the University of Washington in the Molecular and Cell Biology Program

Jean Luke Campos B.S., Treasurer (2017-2018) PhD Candidate at UCSF in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program

Hanna Butler-Struben M.S., Workshop Coordinator (2017-2018) Currently working at the San Francisco Zoo

Dwayne Evans, M.S., Board Member; PhD Student at Harvard University in the Department of Biological Sciences

Janna Bashar, M.S., Board member; PhD Student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the Department of Biology

Marco M. Monroy M.S., Co-Founder & President (2013-2017) PhD Candidate at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX within the Department of Basic Sciences – Genes, Development, and Diseases (GDD)

Monet Jimenez M.S., Co-Founder & Vice President (2013-2017) PhD Candidate at University of Washington in Seattle, WA within the Molecular Mechanism of Disease.

Norma Gaytan M.S., Executive Board Member (2015-2017) PhD Candidate at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.

Hector Ramirez M.S., Executive Board Member (2015-2017) PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA within the Microbiology program.

Fernando Curiel, Treasure (2015-2017) Currently at SFSU in the Fuse Lab with a pursuit of Dental School.

Israel Saucedo, Treasure (2014-2016) Currently working in industry with a pursuit of Medical School.

Luis Quintanilla, Executive Board Member (2015-2016) PhD Candidate at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC with the Neuroscience program.

Adriana Garcia, Co-Vice President (2013-2015) PhD Candidate at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA within Biochemistry and Pharmacology department.